picture of the exterior of the home on hillside and in the trees

Small and Sustainable


This was a fun project. We had to hammer out some ledge in order to site the building into the hill. This allowed us the use the natural grade and retain it with some beautiful yet functional stone work. The small yet sustainable house had a two car garage/shop on the first floor and a one bedroom with loft apartment on the second. Natural woods, handmade cabinets, High Performance Home rated insulation detailing and a fully electric heating and cooling system are some of the features of this building. This was a Net-Zero project in which the PV panels produced all the energy needed to support the house.

picture of the entryway and slate floor picture of the outside of the home, solar panels on the roof picture of the exterior with vertical boards in brown picture of the exterior of the home slid into the rock picture of the back of the home, with warm lights picture of the back of the home with dormer and mountain view picture of the bathroom with marble countertip picture of the main living area with a woodstove and kitchen picture of the kitchen and wooden cabinets picture of the dining area with woodstove with large windows